The following bands are using Mullan Flutes:

Northern Ireland
  • Ballymacarrett Defenders Flute Band
  • Cookstown Sons of William Flute Band
  • Miller Memorial Flute Band
  • Mourne Young Defenders Flute Band
  • Curran Flute Band (Mullan 1 Key Flutes)
  • Pride of the Maine Flute Band
  • Castlederg Young Loyalists Flute Band
  • Omagh True Blues Flute Band
  • Dervock Young Defenders Flute Band
  • North Down Grenadiers Flute Band
  • Ballycoan Flute Band
  • Ballyvea Flute Band
  • Allistragh Flute Band
  • Aughagaskin Flute Band
  • Cornafanog Flute Band
  • Carrickfergus Defenders Flute Band
  • Steeple Defenders Flute Band
  • Castledawson Flute Band
  • Somme Memorial Flute Band
  • East Bank Protestant Boys Flute Band
  • Ballyrashane Protestant Boys Flute Band (Mullan 'Cadet' Low Pitch Flutes)
  • Lisnamurrican Flute Band (Mullan 'Cadet' High Pitch Flutes)
  • Portrush Sons of Ulster Flute Band
  • Edenmore Flute Band
  • 17th (Belfast) Coy, Boys' Brigade
  • Dunaghy Flute Band
  • Kinallen Flute Band
  • Corps of Drums, 1st (N.I.) Battalion Army Cadet Force
  • Craigywarren Flute Band
  • Ballyquin Flute Band
  • Kilmore Flute Band -
  • William Sterritt Memorial Flute Band 
  • Ballyclare Protestant Boys Flute Band
  • Pride of the Park Flute Band, Armoy
  • Brookeborough Flute Band (Low Pitch)
  • Knockinroe Flute Band - March 2018
  • Hillhaven Flute Band - March 2018
  • Auld Orange Flute Band - March 2018
  • County Flute Band
  • Calvay Young Volunteers Flute Band
  • Pride of Clarkson Flute Band
  • Pride O' The Grange Volunteers Flute Band
  • Pride of Motherwell Flute Band
  • Pollock Young Loyalist Flute Band
  • Stoneyburn Flute Band
  • Camelon Loyalist Flute Band
  • Lily of the Valley Flute Band
  • Imperial Flute Band
  • Ardrossan Winton Flute Band
  • Pride of the Rock Flute Band
  • Blackridge Thistle Flute Band
  • Clyde Valley Flute Band
  • New Stevenson Loyal Flute Band
  • Paisley Crown Defenders Flute Band
  • Baillies Lane Flutes and Drums
  • East Coast Protestant Boys Flute Band
  • Pride of the Hill Flute Band
  • Pride of Govan Flute Band
  • Allanton No Surrender Flute Band 
  • Pride of Bargeddie Flute Band
  • Hawick Fife and Drum Band
  • Crimson Ladies Flute Band
  • Prince of Orange Flute Band - April 2018

Republic of Ireland
  • Thomas F. Meagher Fife and Drum
  • St. Mary's Fife and Drum
  • Crickamore Fife and Drum Band - February 2018
  • Monaghan Auld Orange Band - February 2018
  • Crickamore Fife and Drum - March 2018

  • Penshore Air Training Corps
  • Corps of Drums, 1st Bn Irish Guards
  • Corps of Drums, 1st Bn Coldstream Guards
  • Corps of Drums, 1st Bn Grenadier Guards
  • Corps of Drums, 110 City of York ATC (Mullan 'Cadet' High Pitch Flutes)
  • Guards Division Corps of Drums Association - (Mullan Polymer Flutes)
  • Kings Norton RBL Youth Marching Band - (Mullan 'Cadet' Low Pitch Flutes)
  • Whitgift School Corps of Drums - (Mullan 'Cadet' High Pitch Flutes)
  • Queens Regiment Corps of Drums Association -  (Mullan 'Cadet' High Pitch Flutes)
  • Corps of Drums, HQ Plymouth & Cornwall Wing Air Training Corps
  • Corps of Drums, Islington Combined Cadet Forces (HAC) - January 2018
  • Corps of Drums, Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force - January 2018
  • Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Association Corps of Drums - March 2018
  • Corps of Drums, Cleveland Army Cadet Force - March 2018
  • Corps of Drums, Staffordshire Army Cadet Force - April 2018
  • Corps of Drums, Honourable Artillery Company - April 2018

  • Corps of Drums, Clwyd & Gwynedd Army Cadet Force
Germany - British Army Garrison
  • Corps of Drums, 1st Bn The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment

South Africa 
  • St. Augustines C.L.G.B. Band (Mullan 'Cadet' High Pitch Flutes)
  • 2nd Penang Boys' Brigade Band (Mullan Polymer Flutes)
  • Sons and Daughters of Ulster LOL 64, City of Perth - June 2017